Christmas in the Northeast

After our fantastic mini-vacation in Chicago, we boarded a plane and headed east to spend a few weeks with family and friends. Frist up — Delaware to visit Tim’s sister and family. With two excited that kids that we hadn’t seen in over a year, a new little one that we were meeting for the first time, and a visit from grandma (aka Tim’s mom, aka Carol), it was a fun and crazy few days. The kids kept us very busy with legos, barbies, books, puzzles, video games, crafts, and a LOT of silliness.

Family in Delaware
Sweet baby Alivia, Visiting school while Aaron gets an award, Craft time with Uncle Tim, Dancing & craziness

We celebrated an early Christmas while there and continued the holiday festivities with a Christmas brunch and visit to Longwood Gardens where we joined hundreds of people out in the cold to see the holiday lights.

Longwood Gardens
All of us at the gardens (Alivia is the little bundle in Alicia’s jacket)
Longwood Gardens
More winter Watsons photos

Longwood Gardens

Longwood GardensLongwood GardensLongwood GardensNext, we traveled to Connecticut where the merriment continued with cookie making, tree decorating, and several outings to visit family friends.

These chewy ginger cookies with melted chocolate on top were just a few of the cookies that we stuffed our faces with

At the end of the week, we made the drive up to Vermont for more visiting.

Welcome to Vermont
No matter how much time I spend away from my home state, seeing this sign will always be exciting

First was a night out with friends. It is so nice that no matter how much time has passed, we all seem to jump right back in where we left off. We’ve made some great new friends over the past five years, but this group will always hold a special place in my heart.

Vermont friends
A few of my favorite ladies!

It should come as no surprise that we arrived in VT just in time for a snowstorm.

Vermont snowstorm
Snow at my brother’s house
Our furry “nephew” enjoying the snuggly couch while the snow comes down outside

I was a little worried about our rental car with no snow tires, but we got around fine and it was nice to see a fresh layer of the white stuff. I had to laugh though because during our visit to Delaware it snowed an inch and all the schools closed, traffic clogged up, and people had a collective mini freak out. Meanwhile, in Vermont, it snowed 5 inches and everyone simply went about their everyday business.

Vermont snowstorm
Just another winter day in Vermont

For our last night in town, we went out to dinner with my brother and his wife and then walked over to the top of Church Street to see the tree.

Duino Duende - Burlington, VT
I highly recommend Duino Duende in Burlington – there is something for everyone here! I had (very spicy) Korean pork tacos with pickled cabbage on top
Church Street Burlington
Peter, Erin & Tim headed to the tree
Church Street Burlington
Peter & Erin under the tree

Just as I wasn’t surprised that it snowed during our visit to Vermont, I also wasn’t surprised that the day we left the whole state was blanketed with a mixture of rain and ice. Oh, the joys of a New England winter.

Back in Connecticut, we finished up the holiday celebrations with Christmas Eve at Tim’s dad’s house and Christmas day in New Hampshire with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins. I didn’t take any photos of these gatherings, but it was all very lovely with good company and some really tasty food (and more cookies). This year we got to watch three different groups of kids open presents which made me a little wistful for those days when Christmas was the most anticipated day of the year.

After a day of rain and ice, a few fresh flurries came down on Christmas morning

Originally we thought we might fly back west on the day after Christmas. But then we came to our senses and realized that if we waited a day or two the airport experience would probably a bit less hectic. So we hung around for a few days while I recovered from my lingering cold and allergy combo and Tim worked on his handyman list for his mom.

Vermont Flannel blanket
Never underestimate the healing power a cozy blanket alongside a Christmas tree

We enjoyed one last night out a local brewery followed by pizza in New Haven. I know I say it every time we come here, but there is absolutely no better pizza to be found in all of the US than in New Haven, CT.

Beer tasting at Thimble Island and the best pizza ever

Our travel day back west went very smooth and after a long day of airports and planes, we made it back to St. George where our sweet little home had been patiently awaiting our return. After a whirlwind three week trip, it felt good to be home. Even if we did spend the first night back in a casino parking lot :)

Utah from above
The last leg of the journey was a short plane ride from Salt Lake to St. George. There’s no doubt that Utah is the most scenic state fly over!
Eureka Casino - Mesquite, NV
Nothing like waking up in a parking lot!

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