Family, Food & Furry Friends in Kansas

Continuing our journey across the Midwest, we made one final stop in Kansas before heading to Colorado.

Baldwin City, Kansas
Among the greenery in Kansas

Kansas doesn’t immediately come to mind when it comes to camping destinations. But at least on the eastern side of the state, there are a number of nice looking public campgrounds around lakes and reservoirs. Well…they look nice on the map at least. We didn’t actually see any of them because Tim’s aunt and uncle, Cherie and David, who live in Baldwin City, generously offered us a spot in their very green backyard.

Baldwin City, Kansas
Backyard camping is the best

Not only did this exclusive, one-of-a-kind site come with trees for shade and plenty of lush green grass, but there was also a standing invitation for afternoon happy hour…

Baldwin City, Kansas
Happy hour on the back porch

Some great dog friends…

Dillon the Yellow Lab
Dillon loves his tennis ball
Sophie the Chocolate Lab
Sophie looks a lot like our Phineas when he was around her age

And SO MUCH delicious food. I didn’t get photos of all the food, but David and Cherie cooked us several meals including what were undoubtedly the best burritos I have ever eaten. They were smothered with a homemade green chili that had the perfect amount of heat balanced with incredible flavor. So good! My photo of the burrito is grainy and dark and simply doesn’t do justice to this amazing dish, so instead, I’ll show you the calzones I made at the end of the week.

Homemade calzones to thank our hosts for the great parking spot and delicious meals

We had a fairly low key week with not much exploring around the area, but we did drive up to Lawrence one evening. This college town has a nice downtown with some cute stores and lots of places to eat and drink. We walked around a bit before heading to Free State Brewing for dinner followed by more walking and some delicious ice cream to end the night.

Lawrence, Kansas
Downtown Lawrence, Kansas

While our stay in Kansas was short, it was a wonderful week with family. Aside from feeding us delicious food, Cherie and David welcomed us in and made us feel right at home. They’re on the way to becoming full-time RVers in the next year so hopefully, the next time we see them will be out on the road somewhere!

Kansas Silo


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  1. Jodee Gravel

    Now that’s a backyard! And with HHs and great meals I’m surprised you were able to pull yourselves out of there :-)) Love the old doggies.

  2. Gerri Jones

    What a great campsite in such a pretty backyard. Complete with some what looked to be really good home cooking. Great week with family.


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