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Interactive Travel Infographic

Interactive Travel Infographic

Do you keep track of your travel statistics? Do you have a spread sheet where you record your miles traveled, a Google map with your route, or a budget where you compile campground fees? How about a super cool interactive infographic … Continued


Old Friends, New Park

We had a bit of a culture shock last week. After spending two months in the Keys where the biggest store is a run down Kmart covered with a charming undersea mural, we made our way north to the land … Continued

Florida Keys on e Cheap

Florida Keys On The Cheap

Full-time RVers and weekend warriors alike know that some areas of the country are more expensive than others. Food, gas, campground, and entertainment fees all vary widely from state to state and region to region. We try our best to … Continued

Last week

Last Week in the Florida Keys

Eight weeks, one driveway, two state parks, one epic snorkeling adventure, four paddling adventures, five Bocce nights, four trips to the flea market, and more bug bites then we could ever count. I think that about sums up our two months … Continued

Fresh Fish Tacos

Tropical Eats: Fresh Fish Tacos

I have a weird relationship with fish. I know it’s good for me, I want to eat more of it, and I generally enjoy it when I do eat it….buuuuuttt it has to be fresh. If there’s even a tiny … Continued

Online RV Essentials

Online RV Essentials

Last summer I wrote a post detailing our Full-Time RV Essentials. Included were a few apps and websites that we use on a regular basis. I’ve long wanted to expand on that list to include all of the online resources that … Continued


Another Week in Paradise

Just another week in paradise. Hard to believe we’ve been in the Keys for 6 weeks already! Last week began much as the previous one ended, on the beach at Bahia Honda. Tim took advantage of another windy day to do … Continued

Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park

Another awesome Florida state park! I’m continually baffled as to why anyone would choose a cramped private park over a state park with large sites and scenic views. For a long term stay it makes sense, but other than that I just … Continued