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Teton Canyon Road

Teton Canyon Boondocking

For the next stop on our Idaho summer tour, we went east into Wyoming. Wait…what? Let me explain. From our previous spot on the Idaho/Wyoming border, we wanted to head west to explore more of the state, but a pesky … Continued

Palisades Reservoir

Starting Our Idaho Summer Off Right

After spending last summer on the east coast where planning and reservations are a must, this year we’re taking a completely opposite approach. Instead of planning out each stop and making reservations months in advance, we’re simply floating around and making … Continued

Evanston Bluegrass Festival 2017

Parking Lots & Bluegrass in Wyoming

That’s quite a combo isn’t it? Fortunately, the parking lot portion of the week was separate from the bluegrass festival. After leaving Colorado we had to make a necessary stop for some truck repairs. We choose Rock Springs, WY because it … Continued

Hiking above Fish Creek Falls

Return to Rabbit Ears Pass

Sometimes even the most beautiful locations can be clouded by bad memories. You know the kind of bad memories that involve a mama mouse setting up shop inside your RV and having a litter of (at least) a dozen tiny little … Continued

Rocky Mountain National Park LuLu City Trail

3 West Side Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

It should be obvious that when you visit Rocky Mountain National Park at the beginning of June, there will still be snow in the higher elevations. It should also be obvious that those fantastic hiking trails up to high mountain … Continued

5 Years on The Road

5 Years On The Road

Well, it’s that time again. Another year has gone by and as of today, we’re officially five years into this crazy full-time RVing thing. Five years! Can you believe it? In the past, we’ve always celebrated our “On the Road” … Continued