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Dinosaur National Monument

One day in Utah – Dinosaur National Monument

Just when it seems like we have found the most perfect, most gorgeous, most relaxing spot, someone has to come along and ruin it. Or rather several someones. Several small, furry, poop dropping, wire chewing, disgusting little…mice. Unfortunately, mice invading the … Continued


This Week in an Instagram / August 17-23

At the top of the world at Rabbit Ears Pass/ Grilling with a view/ Another Colorado rainbow/ A burst of light at the end of the day/ Loving our own mountain top spot/ Bedroom window view/ A night of stealth … Continued

Rabbit Ear's Pass

At the Top of the World on Rabbit Ears Pass

This week we’re boondocking near Steamboat Springs at the top of Rabbit Ears Pass. Since this is our first visit to the area I did a ton of research before we arrived on our options for places to stay. Initially I was … Continued

Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park

After spending the last six weeks exploring the mountains, we reluctantly left the majestic peaks behind and headed down, down, down. All the way down to the outskirts of Denver. The first thing we noticed upon descending nearly 5,000 feet was a blast … Continued

Bear Creek Lake

This Week in an Instagram / Aug 10-16

Going through the tunnel on our way to Denver/ We left the mountains behind for a week of heat and grassy meadows/ Evening at out spot at the Bear Creek Lake campground/ An evening out at the Mountain Toad Brewery/ … Continued

Link Love

Link Love

Airstreaming  Airstreams have been in the news a lot lately. First there was this article about the rise in popularity of Airstream hotels. After reading this my first thought was, we should open an Airstream hotel! But then I thought about it for … Continued