St. George Island State Park

St George Island State Park

So after we shared our adventure at the highly recommended St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, a bunch of people commented that St. George Island was even nicer. Even nicer! How is that possible? Actually, St. George Island was already on my … Continued

St. Andrews State Park

St Andrews State Park

As of today our two weeks at St. Andrews State Park are up. In fact, by the time you read this we will probably be well on our way down the road. It was originally our intention to only spend one week … Continued

Simple Holiday Baking

Super Simple Holiday Baking

I’ve recently realized how much living full-time in an RV has simplified my life. I knew from the start that paring down my possessions to only the most necessary while residing in a small space would force me to embrace a simper … Continued


Camco Exterior Water Filter

A simple to install, affordable exterior water filter. We use it every time we fill our fresh water tank or hook-up to campground water. Removes sediments, odors, and bad taste.


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St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

As soon as we arrived in Florida we were flooded with comments and emails from people telling us that we MUST go to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park park. According to…well, nearly everyone, it has the best beach around. We … Continued

Holiday Decorating in an RV

Holiday Decorating in an RV

When you live in a 25 X 8 foot silver tube along with your spouse and all your possessions, it’s a given that the holiday decorations are going to be a bit sparse. And as anyone who knew me *before* can … Continued

Travel Map Embroidery Kit

Handmade Holidays

I’ve always loved the holiday season. I become giddy with excitement when I see decorations going up and twinkly lights draped over trees and wound around light posts.  But I don’t love everything about it, and every year my feelings about … Continued

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park

Growing up in the northeast, for many years Florida was our go to winter vacation destination. We spent holidays and school vacations at the popular beach destinations like Ft. Myers Beach, St Petersburg, and Daytona Beach. We stayed in giant hotels … Continued



We’re spending our first week in Florida at Grayton Beach State Park. It rained for the first three days, but cleared up mid-week just in time for our family to arrive. We absolutely love it here. The campground is lovely … Continued

Gulf Shores

Gulf State Park – Gulf Shores, AL

We’re really on the move these days. Last weekend we drove from Louisiana all the way across Mississippi and into Alabama. After spending the past year trolling around only four states, our fast pace this fall has left me feeling … Continued