Crested Butte Wildflowers

Wildflower Mania in Crested Butte, CO

You know how nearly every town claims to be famous for something? Whether a particular food, a popular event, or that rock formation in the middle of town shaped like a duck, every town wants to be known for something. Well here … Continued


This Week in an Instagram / July 13-19

Morning drive on the Million Dollar Highway/ Our new spot in Crested Butte has a pretty nice out-the-door view/ An early morning hike finds wildflowers & a mountain view/ Our spot/ Mt. Crested Butte evening glow/ Wild Delphiniums/ Us & … Continued

Crested Butte

Crested Butte…Again

Just a quick update on our current location. Last Sunday we drove from Silverton to Crested Butte. Along the way we traveled the second half of the famed Million Dollar Highway. After stocking up on groceries and propane in Montrose we continued … Continued


10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

A versatile skillet that can go from stove top, to oven, to grill, to outdoor fire. This pre-seasoned skillet is a breeze to use, a snap to clean, and will last a lifetime.


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Silverton, CO

Silverton, CO – In and Around Town

Silverton is a touristy town. A stroll down main street will take you past store after store filled with t-shirts, magnets, coffee cups, and shot glasses (apparently a lot of people collect shot glasses because we see them everywhere) all printed with some … Continued

Silverton, CO

This Week in an Instagram/ July 6-12

Arriving in Silverton/  Oh look, we have mountains in our back yard!/  Double delight/  Tim’s new 2nd monitor set up. Complete with a crazy, Dr. Seuss-like extendable arm/  Contemplating the view at the ghost town/  The aptly named “Bay Window” house/ … Continued

Animas Forks

Mountains, Mines, & Ghost Towns in Silverton, CO

Silverton is the ultimate Colorado mining town. There’s a whimsical main street lined with colorful Victorian buildings, lofty snow capped peaks in every direction, a historic steam train that rumbles into town several times a day, and slews of old crumbling mines perched on hillsides. Basically it’s … Continued