Congaree National Park

Through the Carolinas and into Florida

With Thanksgiving over and done we had one final obligation before we were free to head south to be snowbirds in Florida for the winter. The final obligation was our yearly trip to Charlotte, NC so Tim could show his … Continued



For the last week and a half we’ve been parked in the driveway at my mom and stepdad’s house in North Carolina. Early in the week my brother and his wife drove down from Vermont and six of us spent a … Continued

Westmoreland State Park

Westmore Land State Park

We spent last week at Westmoreland State Park. This spacious park on the edge of the Potomac River has trails that wind through the woods and a small beach where you can find fossilized shark teeth. I was going to … Continued


Hoover Platinum Cordless Vacuum

A clean RV equals happy RVers. This cordless, rechargeable vacuum offers up great suction power along with a selection of attachments for various surfaces. The small size makes it easy to store and the battery lasts long enough for two or three uses.

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Wood End Lighthouse

Lighthouses and Whales in Provincetown

I’m not sure when my fascination with lighthouses began. They certainly were not on my radar before we started full-timing. Living in a landlocked state like Vermont lighthouses were only something I ever saw while on vacation at the coast, … Continued

Coast Guard Beach

Nickerson State Park

Over the years we’ve developed a somewhat conflicted relationship with popular tourist destinations. On one hand, we want to visit those ultra-popular national parks like Zion, Yellowstone, and Acadia, and we want to experience attractions like the Kennedy Space Center, the … Continued

Leaving Vermont

Saying Goodbye

After a record seven weeks (!) at the best campground in all of Vermont — otherwise known as our friend’s beautiful backyard — we finally hitched up and started our slow journey south for the winter. When we first decided … Continued

Green River Reservoir

Kayak Camping on Green River Reservoir

Pack up the gear and load up the boat, it’s time for some kayak camping! Ever since our overnight at Voyageurs National Park this past summer we’ve been wanting to get out for more kayak camping. We considered doing an overnight … Continued