6 Years on The Road

6 Years on The Road

Today we celebrate six years on the road. Six years of seeking out adventure and discovering new places. Six years of overcoming fears and obstacles, pushing ourselves to go the extra mile, and making the most of what life has … Continued

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake – Take Two

June 3 We first visited Crater Lake National Park in the fall of 2013. It was the end of September, but judging by the weather you would have thought it was mid-February. Cold rain, persistent clouds, and LOTS of snow made … Continued

Mt. McLoughlin

Lake of The Woods, OR

We spent our first week in Oregon at the Aspen Point Campground on the shores of Lake of the Woods. There are three campgrounds on the eastern shore of the lake — two national forest campgrounds and one privately owned … Continued

Collapsible Salad Spinner

A space saving salad spinner. Both the bowl and stainer collapse for storage. The bowl also doubles as a large mixing bowl.

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Eagle Lake, CA

Eagle Lake + Exploring Lava Beds N.M

May 20-27 We spent our last week in California camped next to Eagle Lake at the Merrill National Forest Campground. The theme of the week was rain…again. It rarely rained all day, but it did rain every day, with afternoon … Continued

New Melones Lake

A Quiet Week at New Melones Lake

April 30 – May 5 Just like last summer, we’ve decided the best travel plans are those that we make up as we go along. So far our only commitment for the near future is the Northwest String Summit in … Continued

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

April 22-29 While often referred to as King’s Canyon & Sequoia National Park, they are actually two separate parks connected by one road. One step, narrow and winding road where vehicles over 22-feet long are not allowed to travel. After … Continued

Lake Isabella

A Taste of the Sierras at Lake Isabella

March 31 – April 13 After six weeks on the Southern California coast, we were more than ready to head to the mountains. But with snow and freezing temps lingering at higher elevations we had to find an in-between spot. … Continued