New Melones Lake

A Quiet Week at New Melones Lake

April 30 – May 5 Just like last summer, we’ve decided the best travel plans are those that we make up as we go along. So far our only commitment for the near future is the Northwest String Summit in … Continued

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

April 22-29 While often referred to as King’s Canyon & Sequoia National Park, they are actually two separate parks connected by one road. One step, narrow and winding road where vehicles over 22-feet long are not allowed to travel. After … Continued

WaterHog Door Mat

A small door mat with a big job. This rugged mat has captured over two years worth of mud, sand, water, dried grass, cactus thorns, wet leaves, and even a bit of snow! Easy to clean with a rubber under coating that keeps the floor dry and your RV clean


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Lake Isabella

A Taste of the Sierras at Lake Isabella

March 31 – April 13 After six weeks on the Southern California coast, we were more than ready to head to the mountains. But with snow and freezing temps lingering at higher elevations we had to find an in-between spot. … Continued

Polished Airstream

Airstream Updates: Polished & Painted

Remember two years ago when we spent nearly every day for a month buffing, polishing, and repolishing the aluminum tube that we call home? Well, since then we’ve done our best to nullify all that hard work. Dusty dirt roads, muddy … Continued

South Carlsbad State Beach

South Carlsbad & San Clemente State Beaches

February 25 – March 4 Almost immediately after changing course for the coast we started looking for open sites at the string of state beach campgrounds that line the southern California coast. We had to get a little creative because while … Continued