Goodbye Maine, Hello New Hampshire

Our last week in Maine was fairly uneventful. After our big weekend of touring lighthouses, we ended up back at Winslow Memorial Park where we spent the week enjoying a fantastic ocean view. As usually happens when we return to the … Continued

South Portland lighthouse

Our South Portland Lighthouse Tour

Last weekend we headed north from Kennebunkport to Freeport for our final week in Maine. Along the way we decided to take ourselves on a mini lighthouse tour. Because with over 60 lighthouses spread up and down the jagged coastline, inlets, and islands … Continued

Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach, Maine

Did you notice that when we first entered Maine we skipped over the very southern end of the state? Yeah…probably not, because I can’t imagine anyone is paying that much attention. Well we did. We went from Cape Ann, Mass up … Continued

Collapsible Salad Spinner

Collapsible Salad Spinner

A space saving salad spinner. Both the bowl and stainer collapse for storage. The bowl also doubles as a large mixing bowl.


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Feasting With Friends

Over and over we’ve discovered that the best adventures in this RVing life are those that evolve organically. Take these last two weeks for example. After ending up at the Narrows Too Resort when every other campground in the area was full, … Continued

Paddling Around

Just Paddling Around

With Tim’s foot injury still not healed enough for hiking or long bike rides we’ve been amusing ourselves with more kayaking. Luckily we’re in an area full of lakes, bays and inlets. The weather over the past week has been following a … Continued

Kayak Gear

Kayak Gear

Who knew buying two little boats would lead to so many additional purchases. Turns out kayaks require lots of kayak gear. Now that we’re finally done buying all the kayak accessories (hopefully), I thought it would be fun to share … Continued

Lobster Dinner

Lobster Night with Friends

Since I admitted last week that I don’t like lobster, it might come as a surprise that we attended a lobster dinner with our friends here at the RV park a few days ago. Well, it turns out that Betsy is in … Continued

cadillac mountain

Dinner on Cadillac Mountain

This week we’ve moved north to the Narrows Too Resort in Trenton, Maine on the outskirts of Mt. Desert Island. (Fun fact: despite the spelling, it’s pronounced like the sweet treat, not the vast land of sand and spiky plants. I … Continued

Camden Maine

Camden Hills State Park

Here’s our site at Camden Hills State Park. We’re enjoying the corner location with neighbors only on one side and lots of trees. The only downside is that all those trees means no sun for solar power and we’ve had … Continued

Camden Hills State Park

A Hike & A Lighthouse in Camden

This week we’ve moved a few hours north up the coast to Camden Hills State Park. This park has been on my radar since the Nealys stayed here a few months ago. It’s our very first visit to a Maine … Continued