Bathroom Refresh

Airstream Update: Bathroom Refresh

Here we go again…another home improvement project. Even with less then 200 sq. ft. to work with I’m always finding something I want to change. This time around it’s the bathroom. For those of you who don’t know, we have a … Continued

Family week

Family Week

So you know how I’ve been kind of a whinny mess the last few posts? You’ve all been very polite and not mentioned it…but it’s okay, I can admit it. I’ve complained about our pace of travel, the rain, the … Continued

McDowell Nature Preserve

McDowell Nature Preserve

This past Sunday we successfully extracted ourselves from our cushy driveway parking spot. We said goodbye to long showers, the convenient washing machine, and those crazy cats. Only for a week though. We’ll be back next weekend for another visit (this … Continued


Camco Exterior Water Filter

A simple to install, affordable exterior water filter. We use it every time we fill our fresh water tank or hook-up to campground water. Removes sediments, odors, and bad taste.


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Three Years on the Road

Change in Plans

This week we were supposed to be in Asheville, NC. It’s a town we’ve heard tons of awesome things about, and have long wanted to visit. We made reservations at the Lake Powhatan NF campground only 15 minutes from town, … Continued

Courtesy Camping

Courtesy Camping in South Carolina

If I’ve learned anything while traveling around the country it’s that you should never assign generalizations to the people from certain areas. People are people wherever you go. Whether you’re in the mountains of Colorado, the plains of Kansas, or … Continued

Charleston, SC

Another Southern City: Charleston, SC

Another southern city checked off the list. Well, maybe not totally and definitively checked, since we were only there for 24 hours. But I think we’d be safe in awarding it at least half a check. First of all, before … Continued

Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park

After our one night stay at the Savannah Visitor’s Center, we moved just a few miles outside of the city to Skidaway Island State Park. Upon arrival we were greeted by more moss draped trees. I don’t think I could … Continued

Southwest Vs. Southeast

Snowbirding Smackdown: Southwest Vs. Southeast

Now that spring is upon us and we have officially survived our third winter of full-time RVing, we thought it might be time for a little good natured competition. Snowbird style! For those of you not keeping track, we spent our … Continued

Historic Savannah

Historic Savannah, GA

Did you know that the Savannah Visitor Center allows you to RV in their parking lot for up to 48 hours? That’s right, a convenient place to park your RV in the middle of the city within easy walking distance … Continued

Blyth Island Park

Blyth Island Park + Jekyll Island

State number 25! This is our first week in Georgia, and even though we’ve been heading north since we left the Keys, now that we’re finally out of Florida it feels like we are really on our way north now. … Continued