Link Love

Link Love

Airstreaming  Airstreams have been in the news a lot lately. First there was this article about the rise in popularity of Airstream hotels. After reading this my first thought was, we should open an Airstream hotel! But then I thought about it for … Continued

Lake Dillon

Biking & Sailing at Lake Dillon

Yet another return stop for us in Colorado. We’re going to explore some new places around this state eventually… I swear. Somehow we ended up taking the same route through Colorado as we did last year, and so far that has meant … Continued

Full-Time RVing Essentials

Full-Timing RV Essentials

I recently wrote an article for about the top gadgets for full-time RVing. Tim was helping me brainstorm for the article one day, and the conversation morphed into a discussion about all the different things – not just gadgets- … Continued


Food Storage Containers

These airtight food storage containers keep food fresh and my pantry organized. Their cube shape is perfect for stacking, the lids are tight, and the plastic is durable even when they tumble on the floor. They come as a set of three different sizes, or you can buy them individually.


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Mineral Belt Trail

Leadville Boom Days

We first learned about the Leadville Boom Days celebration during the 4th of July parade last year. More than one person told us we had to come back in August for Boom Days. So we did. Well, one year later we did. … Continued

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This Week in an Instagram / July 27- Aug 2

Taking the back way to Leadville up & over Cottonwood Pass/ Found ourselves a nice spot with a mountain view/ The clouds rolled in and stuck around all week/ Looks peaceful doesn’t it?/ Bedroom window view/ Cultivating that hippie look/ Finally! … Continued


Rainy Days in Leadville

This week we’re hanging out in Leadville where it has been raining…everyday. Not just everyday, but often all day. Since the beginning of July and the start of the monsoon season, we’ve been stuck in a weather pattern where it starts out sunny, … Continued