Lone Rock Beach, Utah

Lone Rock Beach & Page

Saturday, October 28 While trying to come up with a fun weekend adventure Tim mentioned kayaking in Lake Powell. I immediately jumped all over that. It’s been months since we put the kayaks in the water. And since we didn’t … Continued

Pink Coral Sand Dunes State Park

Mt. Carmel Junction

Sunday, October 22 We’ve been going back and forth all week about where to go next. With plans to meet up with family in Zion National Park for Thanksgiving, we don’t want to stray too far from the general area. … Continued

Bryce Canyon National Park - Fairyland Trail

Birthday Week at Bryce Canyon

Sunday, October 15 I woke up this morning feeling like I had aged 50 years overnight. All the muscles in my upper body were sore, my elbows and knees raw and bruised, and my ankle puffy and throbbing. After the adventure … Continued

Maxxair Fan

If you need to cool down, or simply want to move air around, these ceiling mounted fans are a must have. We love that their nifty design keeps rain out during storms, the fact that you can run the fan with the vents closed for a ceiling fan effect, and the remotes that allow you to control the fans & vents without getting out of bed or off the couch.


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Red Breaks Slot Canyon, Utah

Hiking the Red Breaks Slot Canyon

 Saturday, October 14 We had one final adventure planned for our last day in Escalante. An adventure that promised to be both challenging and spectacular. Red Breaks Slot Canyon is considered one of the longest, most stunning slots in the area. … Continued

Upper Muley Twist Canyon Trail

Hiking the Upper Muley Twist Canyon

Friday, October 6 Once again, we’ve decided to maximize our weekend adventures by heading out on Friday afternoon. The trail we want to hike tomorrow is roughly a two-hour drive from here. It’s also in the direction of our intended … Continued

Fruit orchard in Capitol Reef National Park

Return To Capitol Reef

Sunday, October 1 (continued) Two years ago we visited Capitol Reef and stayed at the Thousand Lake RV Park in nearby Torrey. At the time there was some question as to whether the area had any reliable cell service and … Continued

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley & Little Wild Horse Canyon

Friday, September 29 A few years ago while traveling from Capitol Reef to Moab we found ourselves passing through the southern section of the San Rafael Swell. The intriguing landscape captured our curiosity and we vowed to one day return. Unfortunately, … Continued

Jordanellle State Park - Park City, Utah

Park City & Jordanelle State Park

A quick note on the format of this post. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want this space to be. After five plus years of blogging, I find myself less and less motivated to write. Every blog post … Continued