Long Key State Park

Long Key State Park

Just because we have a free driveway to park in doesn’t mean we need to stay there for two whole months. Right? Right. We always planned on breaking up our stay at my dad’s house with a few weeks at … Continued

Future plans

Future Plans

While we would love to be those free wheeling kind of travelers who never make plans and simply go wherever the wind blows, in truth our reality doesn’t allow for that kind of spontaneity. We actually tried that method of … Continued


Oxygenics Shower Head

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Tropical Garden Tour

Tropical Garden Tour

One of my very favorite things about traveling around the country is discovering the local plants from each region. Since we’re spending an extended amount of time in one area this winter, I decided to make it my personal goal to learn … Continued

Quartzsite, AZ

2014 in Review

It’s that time of year again. The start of a new year and time to look back on where we’ve been over the past 12 months. In general this was a slow travel year for us. While we did tow … Continued

Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key

We have arrived in the Florida Keys! Big Pine Key to be exact (located a little more than halfway down the Keys, about 30 miles north of Key West). My dad Bill, and his girlfriend Katherine, have a place on … Continued


Be Merry

Happy Holidays Everyone! We’re headed over to Grandma’s house today for a small family get together. I started my preparations for our traditional Christmas meal with some Chewy Molasses-Spice Cookies decorated to look like reindeer. We’ll be feasting and basking in … Continued

Airboat Adventure

An Airboat Adventure

Checked one off the bucket list this weekend. We took airboat tour around one of the nearby lakes. A quick Goole search shows the clear winner around here in the airboat tour business is a small company called Airboat Wildlife … Continued

Highlands Hammock State Park

Highlands Hammock State Park

I guess you could say that we’ve entered the second stage of our Florida journey. We traded in the white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters of the panhandle for a pretty cool jungle-like environment smack in the middle of the … Continued