Hiking above Fish Creek Falls

Return to Rabbit Ears Pass

Sometimes even the most beautiful locations can be clouded by bad memories. You know the kind of bad memories that involve a mama mouse setting up shop inside your RV and having a litter of (at least) a dozen tiny little … Continued

Rocky Mountain National Park LuLu City Trail

3 West Side Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

It should be obvious that when you visit Rocky Mountain National Park at the beginning of June, there will still be snow in the higher elevations. It should also be obvious that those fantastic hiking trails up to high mountain … Continued

Magnetic Spice Tins

A great way to store spices within reach. Each aluminum container has a magnetic back, a see through lid, and a twist top with sprinkle or pour options. Comes with a magnetic metal strip to hold the spices in place.


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5 Years on The Road

5 Years On The Road

Well, it’s that time again. Another year has gone by and as of today, we’re officially five years into this crazy full-time RVing thing. Five years! Can you believe it? In the past, we’ve always celebrated our “On the Road” … Continued

Rocky Mountains as seen from I-70 near Denver, CO

Helloooo Colorado!

I have a bad habit of longing to be wherever I am not. If we’re in the desert I long for the forest, if we’re in the mountains I long for the coast, if we’re in a city I long for … Continued

Dillon the Yellow Lab

Family, Food & Furry Friends in Kansas

Continuing our journey across the Midwest, we made one final stop in Kansas before heading to Colorado. Kansas doesn’t immediately come to mind when it comes to camping destinations. But at least on the eastern side of the state, there … Continued

Stockton Lake, MO

Weekend at Stockton Lake

After a week in the city, we were in need of some nature. Maybe even the kind of nature that involves a water view and a nearly deserted campground? Fortunately, Missouri has no shortage of lakeside campgrounds. Our best option between … Continued

Springfield, MO

Swinging Through Springfield, MO

I’ve never viewed the middle of the country as a travel destination. It’s always seemed too flat, too boring, and frankly, too wholesome and close-minded to be a place where I wanted to spend much time. But if I’ve learned … Continued