This Week in an Instagram/ June 8-14

New MexicoView from 10,000 feet
Lake view for the week
Office view
Morning lake view
Tucked into the trees
Las sunset in NM
Welcome to CO
Lots of green in CO

This sign would lead us to believe the cows in NM are in danger of being abducted. Watch out cows!/ The view from 10,000 feet on the way to Heron Lake/ We found a site with a little slice of water view for the week/ The perfect office view/ Another lake view- this one from our morning running trail/ Our narrow site tucked between the trees/ A fitting sunset for our last night in New Mexico/ We made it to Colorado!/ Found a nice meadow to spend a few quiet weeks near Durango. It’s looking mighty green around here!

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  1. Suzanne

    I LOVE that “Run for your life, cow!” shot! haha!! Can’t wait to see what wonder you discover in Colorado!


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