This Week in an Instagram / Feb 23 – March 1

Crazy clouds as we leave Tucson/ A giant Titan II missile/ our new spot for the week among the grass/ Beautiful afternoon light/ Bedroom window view/ Amazing sunset/ At the Empire Ranch/ A lone Mesquite tree in the grasslands/ More lovely grass/ our first rainy day in months

Big Pine

Fan-Tastic Endless Breeze Fan

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2 Responses to “This Week in an Instagram / Feb 23 – March 1”


  1. weather

    the “air” shows watched and felt are the highlights of my journey,your photos-of rain on your window here and of snow at Gilbert Ray brought a rush of anticipation about adding these to my agenda.So much time spent in the southern part of the western states has taught me that after too many weeks of a still blue sky I crave the wind…thanks again ,a smiling reader

    • Amanda

      I agree, I love the sky and find myself taking so many photos while looking up! And yes, after months of sun, the wind and clouds are exciting and welcome.


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