Who Are We?

I have a confession to make. We’ve had this blog for 1 year and 9 months and still haven’t written a decent “about us” page. We do have a page on the top menu titled Who, but up until now all it divulged was our names and a photo. Not very revealing. I’ve tried to add more details, but each time I find myself at a loss for words. I can easily share with you the things we do for fun, the people we meet, even what we eat, but when it comes to personal stuff about us, I draw a blank.

Tim + Amanda = the Wastons But who are we?
Tim + Amanda = the Watsons
But Who Are We?

Then I started thinking about it in a different way. Instead of guessing what people might want to know and compiling a boring paragraph about each of us, I decided to use questions that we had already been asked. A lot of readers send us questions through email, comments on the blog, or on our Facebook page. So in an attempt to share who we are I compiled a list of these questions and our answers. I chose the ones that I thought reveled the most about us and how we live. These are actual questions as written by actual readers, but in many cases that answers have been shortened for the sake of readability.

This list, along with a short introduction, is now on our new and improved Who page. Please let us know if you have any questions you think we should add.

Did you win the lottery, or receive a huge inheritance?
Nope and nope, although we keep hoping.

My question is simple….how do you make a living on the road? 
Tim is a web developer who works remotely for a company based in North Carolina. Amanda is still in the process of finding a way to make a few bucks while on the road.

Do you make money from the Watson’s Wander blog? 
Currently no. Why? Do you want to pay us for our supreme knowledge and witty banter?
All joking aside, we are hoping to someday make a little dough from this blog, so if you are a company who would like to advertise here, or have us review a product, please contact us.

How do you live full-time in a 25′ trailer? 
Very similar to how we lived in a 2,000 sq. ft. house. Only now we are always in the same room. And there’s no lawn to mow.

Ever wish you had a bigger RV? 
Sometimes, yes. We wish we had a better work area that didn’t also double as our eating area and all-purpose table. For the most part we are happy with our size, but we do talk about upgrading to something (maybe a 30-foot Airstream) a bit bigger in a few years.

What are the pros and cons to living in a 25′ trailer?
– Ease of maneuverability
– Ability to visit many places where larger trailers and motorhomes can’t go
– Living together in a small space & spending virtually all of our time together has made us realize the strength of our relationship
– Easy and quick to clean a house that is under 200 sq. ft.
– Lack of space means we are forced to adopt a minimalist lifestyle
– Very little room for indoor entertaining
– No personal space – nothing is private
– A small mess quickly makes the trailer feel like a disaster zone
– Lack of space means we have to be selective when it comes to those creative projects that we both love so much

I noticed that you camp in a lot of remote areas. Have you experienced any problems towing into areas (BLM land) and off the beaten path?
Only once did we almost get stuck in some soft sand. Four-wheel drive saved us. For the most part don’t drive down roads that we aren’t sure about. There is a huge wealth of knowledge out there regarding boondocking areas, and we have found that others are always willing to share. If we really want to check out a previously unexplored area than we unhook and go at with just the truck.

Do you ever worry about safety when camping in remote areas?
Very rarely, and if we do find ourselves somewhere that really doesn’t feel safe then we leave. Bad stuff happens everywhere, but we’ve found that with a little common sense we feel just as safe RVing in the boonies as we did living in our house in the woods.

Do you take military showers in the trailer during your boondocking stays? 
Yup. Also while camping at public parks that don’t have sewer hook-ups. Sometimes we even get really daring and take an outdoor solar shower. For the sake of our neighbors, we try to limit that to camping spots where we have lots of seclusion.

How do you stay warm in the Airstream? 
Snuggling. When that doesn’t work we turn on the furnace or the propane catalytic heater.

What kind of food do you eat while on the road? 
The same kind we ate when we weren’t on the road. Except maybe better because we have access to all kinds of year-round fresh produce that we couldn’t find while living in the frozen northeast.

Found any interesting food recipes lately? 
Yes! Check out Amanda’s Pinterest boards where she has hundreds of recipes pinned. Occasionally we share recipes in our blog posts. To find all the posts with a recipe included simply click on the food category on the side bar.

What kind of camera do you use? 
An Olympus Pen. It’s a micro 2/3 camera, which means it has DSL capabilities with a much more compact form. Perfect for hiking. It’s an older model and although we’ve had it for around 5 years it still works for our needs. We also take lots of iphone photos and sneak them into the blog whenever possible.

I love your Map. Can you make me one? 
Ask again soon. Tim is working on making the map available for others to use.

How do you plan your route? Do you have a plan?
We have a loose, long-term plan. We know where we want to go over the next few years, but if asked exactly where we will be next December the 15th we would have no idea. As far as route planning goes we generally decide specifics anywhere from one week to a few months ahead of time. It all depends on where we are.

Do you make reservations? 
Only if we have to. We prefer not to be tied down by reservations, but have learned that during busy times of year, like summer and school vacation, it’s the only way to get into the good places.

How do find areas with a decent Internet connection?
Primarily we use an app developed by some fellow full-timers that provides a map of cell coverage for all the major carriers in the U.S. It’s called Coverage? and am not sure how we would get by without it. Tim needs to be online for work everyday, so it’s essential that we have a decent connection.

What method do you use to obtain your Internet connection?
For the most part we rely on cell phone data. Currently we have two 20G Hotspot plans from Millenicom that provide us with coverage through Verizon (although if you look at their website you will notice they don’t actually say the coverage is from Verizon. This is due to some legal mumbo jumbo). We also both have phones through AT&T that provide us with a small amount of data. We try to only use this data as a back up, but occasionally we find ourselves in an area where we get better AT&T than Verizon, so it’s handy to have. Every once in awhile we use the wifi that is provided by a campground. This happens very rarely because, for one we don’t often stay in the kind of parks that offer wifi, and two the wifi most campgrounds provide it pretty slow. We do have a wifi ranger that extends the signal, but even that doesn’t help when you have 200 people using the same crappy connection. Finally, we sometimes seek out public wifi at libraries or cafes.

What is your plan when it’s all over? Or will it ever be over? 
No plans and not sure if, or when, it will be over. Right now we can’t imagine going back to a conventional lifestyle. If we do decide to stop traveling chances are it would only be for part of the year. We are hooked!

Can we meet you?
Yes please!!!! We are always up for meeting new people. Contacting us is easy. You can leave a comment here on the blog, or on our Facebook Page. Send us an Email, or find us on Goggle+ or Twitter.

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9 Responses to “Who Are We?”


  1. LaneVids

    Love the new about page! Such a great idea! To make money from this blog, have you looked into using Google Adsense to put some ads in the sidebar or in your posts? It’s not much, but every little bit counts! I make <a href="http://youtube.com/TheFunnyratsYouTube videos for a living. My wife and I are in the dreamer phase as we grow our YouTube audience to bring in more money so that we can live and work on the road. We also are finishing up paying off some debt (student loans… YUCK)! YouTube uses Adsense to put ads on YouTube videos, so if you don’t mind being in front of the camera, you could make some money that way as well!

    Thank for your website, I love your banter and I read all the time! I’ll try to leave more comments for you guys!

    • Amanda

      Thanks! Love your youtube channel. Great idea for making a little money. Not sure we would be so good at it as neither of us are to fond of being on camera :) When we started the blog it was not with the intention of making any money from it, and only recently have we considered trying to monetize with ads or other sources. Still not sure how serious we are about including ads.

      Thanks so much for the comment, it’s always nice to hear that people are actually reading and enjoying!

  2. Sarah

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading about your travels. My boyfriend and I are just wrapping up two years of extended travel (via car and tent camping). After working this year to replenish the coffers, we are hoping to be able to get an Airstream and follow the path you two are taking (but still maintaining our house so we can have a home base). It is always fun and inspiring to read about people living an unconventional life. Your blog is informative and fun to follow. Happy Travels!

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the comment Sarah! I am so impressed that you traveled by car and tent for two years. That’s way longer than I could ever sleep in a tent :) Hope it all works out for you with the Airstream, and maybe we will run into somewhere down the road.

  3. Jim and Barb's RV Adventure

    My wife and I are less than 4 weeks from our life on the road and have been following your blog for a few months now. We love your blogs and your “About Us” approach is very cool. We recently started our blog (2 entries) and are hoping to meet you someday!

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the comment Jim and Barb! Congratulations on your soon to be new life on the road. Hope to meet you out there :)

  4. Jana

    Thank you, for taking us along on your journey. Love the reading as well as all the pics. Safe travels.

  5. Cherie

    Wonderful to read this introduction and virtually get to know you a bit better. Thanks so much for the wonderful words about out little app, Coverage?. We developed exactly to help us mobile digital folks out.

    Enjoy McDowell, we so loved our stay there late last year.

    • Amanda

      Glad you enjoyed our much delayed introduction Cherie! We really are grateful for your coverage app, along with the constant updates. I use it for all our planning, and without it I’m sure we would miss out on ton of the more remote places for fear that there was no signal. It’s a very valuable product that I happily recommend to everyone.


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