Feasting With Friends

Over and over we’ve discovered that the best adventures in this RVing life are those that evolve organically. Take these last two weeks for example. After ending up at the Narrows Too Resort when every other campground in the area was full, … Continued

Lobster Dinner

Lobster Night with Friends

Since I admitted last week that I don’t like lobster, it might come as a surprise that we attended a lobster dinner with our friends here at the RV park a few days ago. Well, it turns out that Betsy is in … Continued

Fresh Fish Tacos

Tropical Eats: Fresh Fish Tacos

I have a weird relationship with fish. I know it’s good for me, I want to eat more of it, and I generally enjoy it when I do eat it….buuuuuttt it has to be fresh. If there’s even a tiny … Continued

Simple Holiday Baking

Super Simple Holiday Baking

I’ve recently realized how much living full-time in an RV has simplified my life. I knew from the start that paring down my possessions to only the most necessary while residing in a small space would force me to embrace a simper … Continued


More from Austin

We’ve been in Austin for nearly a week and half, and while we’re still enjoying ourselves, I think the love affair may be cooling off a bit. Don’t get me wrong…we still think Austin’s pretty cool, but like all places, … Continued