Sand Flats Campground- Moab UT

This past Monday marked our fourteen-day limit at the Goose Island Campground. Since we’re still enjoying ourselves in Moab, instead of heading on down the road we packed it up and moved a just few miles to another BLM campground. We chose Sand Flats for its proximity to town, excellent cell service (full bars of Verizon 3G & 2-3 bars of AT&T 4G), and large number of sites. We arrived to find the sites tucked among a spectacular array of sandstone formations.

sand flats campground moab UT
A few miles = a whole different setting

Sand Flats has 120 sites arranged in nine different loops, or clusters as they call them. Only a fraction of the sites are RV friendly, and very few would fits rigs much bigger than us. We found a nice spot in cluster E that backs up to a wide outcropping of slickrock.

sand flats campground moab UT
Dusk settles over our little cluster of campsites with the La Sal Mountains in the background

Sand Flats is far more than a campground. This 7,200 acre recreational paradise is known for its mountain biking and 4 x 4 trails. One of the 4 x 4 trails, named Fins and Things, starts in cluster E. After settling into our site, we took our own Phin out for a small hike on this trail.

sand flats campground moab UT
Phin on the fin trail

The “fins” refered to are long, rounded lengths of sandstone often seen in a parrallel arrangement. I guess the “things” must be all the other sandstone formations.

sand flats campground moab Ut
Those bumps of sandstone you see are called fins

We only saw one jeep on the trail.

sand flats campground moab, UT
Cresting the hill
Sad Flats campground moab UT
Will he make? Oh pheww!

Yesterday afternoon we took another hike behind the campground. This time we went off trail in search of the Mill Creek Canyon. After a mile of scampering up and down the sandstone we found it.

Sand Flats Campground Moab UT
Mill Creek way down below

We could just make out the path that winds along the bottom of the canyon. Phineas was eyeing the river below, so I think we’ll have to check out the Mill Creek trail sometime this week. Here’s a few more photos of the area.

sand flats campground moab UT
Ridges of sandstone
sand flats campground moab UT
Slickrock everywhere


sand flats moab UT
Sandstone mounds

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  1. LuAnn

    What a fabulous location! We love spots where you can step outside your door and hike into the wilderness. Amazing views!


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