Lake Michigan at Claybanks County Park

Claybanks County Park
Our little piece of heaven

What an amazing lake! Who knew there was such a spectacular shoreline with sandy beaches and crystal clear water right smack in the middle of the country? Well, I’m sure someone knew, but they never told me. Growing up in the east if you wanted to enjoy a large body of water you visited the ocean, or in VT we had Lake Champlain. Both fabulous in their own way, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and declare Lake Michigan far superior to either of those options. Don’t get me wrong, the ocean in the northeast is nice, but the sandy beaches are always sooo crowded, and the water is positively frigid. Plus there’s that pesky salt water that turns my skin all dry and lizard-like. Lake Champlain is an amazing, clean lake with beautiful scenery all around that will always remain near and dear to my heart…but there is a definite lack of sandy beaches, and that cold, cold water is not always so inviting.

Claybanks County Park
We enjoyed a relaxing day hanging at the beach

I feel like I could stay here forever. Okay, not really because we still have so much of the country to explore, but that’s how much I like it. We spent a relaxing day hanging at the beach and bobbing around in the warm water. The air was very still and hot today so a bit more algae floated in the water than yesterday, but it was easy enough to get around.

Claybanks County Park
Phineas is loving life

We spent the late afternoon at the campsite reading under the awning and watching the activity all around. I love a nice state park with a site in the woods that offers shade and privacy, but sometimes the people watching at these smaller, more crowded, campgrounds can be so entertaining. Take these people across the street from us for example.

Claybanks County Park
Campers across the street- so much stuff!

They arrived while I was sitting outside and I watched in amazement as they unloaded bag after bag after bag of stuff. Just when I thought they couldn’t possibly have anything more, another box or basket would appear. Soon they had three tents set up, a clothesline hung and the entire ground around the site littered with food, grills, coolers, chairs, and stacks of wood. You name it, they brought it. These people easily had 3 times more stuff with them for one weekend of camping then we do for several years of living. It was a solid half hour of good entertainment for me :)

My obsession with grilled corn continues. This time we ate it cut off the cob and mixed with tomato, avocado, and fresh chives!

Claybanks County Park
Grilled corn!

Saturday is supposed to be a little cooler so we’re headed down to Muskegon for some electronics shopping (a second Kindle, yay!) and to check out the farmer’s market. Wishing everyone out there a fabulous weekend!

Claybanks County Park
Our site in the morning sun

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