Day 1- Goodbye House, Goodbye Jeffersonville

Goodbye House

Goodbye gardens

Goodbye Phineas’s favorite swimming spot

Goodbye Jeffersonville

We spent the first night in our new home on wheels at the Lang Farm in Essex.
Thanks Jon and Deb for the send off!

It was great to see everyone and we were even gifted some lovely flowers and a traveling herb basket! Can’t wait to pull that out at a campground- we are going to be the envy all the campers.

The Lang Farm crew…

Beautiful roses!!!!

One more day in Vermont and then we’re headed west. Check back here tomorrow for a review of our last day in the green mountain state.

Maxxair Fan

If you need to cool down, or simply want to move air around, these ceiling mounted fans are a must have. We love that their nifty design keeps rain out during storms, the fact that you can run the fan with the vents closed for a ceiling fan effect, and the remotes that allow you to control the fans & vents without getting out of bed or off the couch.


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