Florida Keys Wk. 2: Sun & Surf

While our first week in the Keys was all about exploring the area and catching up with friends and family, our second week was all about enjoying our surroundings. That is to say — we barely left the campground all week. Bahia Honda is not large compared to some other state parks we’ve visited, but it does have three beaches, two campgrounds, a few short walking paths, and a fun section of an old bridge perfect for sunset viewing.

Bahia Honda State Park
Sunset from the old bridge

The smallest of the beaches is called Calusa. This sandy, palm tree-lined beach is on the northwest side of the park with a direct view of US 1 across the bay. Despite the traffic noise and lack of space, it’s also the least windy of all the beaches and tends to have less seagrass — and more people.

Bahia Honda State Park
Calusa Beach

On the south side of the park are two more beaches both boasting shallow water and plentiful sand. The beaches at Bahia Honda are left in their natural state (no raking or trucking in sand). As a result, the sandy beaches are in a constant battle with the natural vegetation that creeps in from the adjacent areas and the sea grass that washes up on the shore. The amount of sea grass on the beach varies depending on the direction of the wind. It was consistently windy during our two-week stay and as a result, the seagrass was piled high in places making it nearly impossible to walk on the beach at high tide. Sometimes that meant the only way to avoid the piles of grass was by walking in the water. Not much of a hardship when the bottom is soft sand and the water temperature around 75-degrees.

Bahia Honda State Park
Sometimes the beach looks like this…

The largest and most well-known beach in the park is the mile long Sandspur Beach. With two parking areas, three large covered pavilions, and restrooms with outdoor showers, this is the beach that most people flock to when visiting the park. The long stretch of beach begins at the Sandspur Campground (tents & pop-up trailers only) and goes all the way to the eastern end of the island. We frequented this beach most often after work when the crowds had died down and the water was prime for wading and swimming.

Bahia Honda State Park
Sandspur Beach

The other beach on the south side is called Loggerhead. As it was only a few minutes walk from our site, this was the beach we frequented most often. There’s only a small parking lot here which keeps out most of the day use visitors and ensures that it is nearly always a quiet place to enjoy the water.

Bahia Honda State Park
Loggerhead Beach

Neither of us are interested in setting up chairs and lounging around on the beach. Instead, we choose to spend our beach time walking on the shore or wading in the water. Loggerhead beach has a large shallow sandbar just offshore making it perfect for these activities.

Bahia Honda State Park
Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

It’s also the best place in the park to fly a kite.

Bahia Honda State Park
Tim’s new pirate ship kite getting ready for its maiden voyage
Pirate Kite
She sails well

Aside from enjoying the beaches, we also took an around-the-key kayaking adventure late one afternoon. Well…we almost went all the way around. It’s about a 6.5-mile paddle around Bahia Honda Key, and since we couldn’t get in the water until 4 pm we either had to paddle fast to make it back before dark, or we had to shorten the journey. Luckily, there are places to put the kayaks in on both the north and south side of the island so we weren’t too worried about making it all the way around. The journey started at the marina, passed under the road bridge, and then followed along the north side of the island heading east. The current was strong and swirly while going under the bridge, and the water on the north side wavy, so not many photos were taken.

Bahia Honda Bridge
Paddling under the bridge

At the end of the island, we crossed back under another road bridge and the wind died down immediately. From here, we leisurely paddled just offshore from the beach while heading east. We could have easily made it all the way around before dark settled in, but instead of rushing we decided to float offshore for a bit while the sun sank below the horizon. When the last of the sun disappeared we were only a short paddle from Loggerhead beach where there’s a small boat ramp for the park’s rental kayaks.

Bahia Honda State Park
Post sunset glow

And with that, we wrap up our two weeks at Bahia Honda state park. Over the weekend we moved into our rental house and have been busy organizing and exploring the neighborhood since then. I’ll share lots of photos next time.

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8 Responses to “Florida Keys Wk. 2: Sun & Surf”


  1. Pam Wright

    It certainly has been a wonderful December weather wise in Florida (well, too humid for me). I was concerned with our daughter having a sunset beach wedding. It has been very cold in Cortez in December on other visits. But other than two cold days, we had very warm temps for our six week visit. What a beautiful Key for two weeks! And now renting a house!! You are going to get very spoiled with all the space:) Enjoy your winter in luxury!

    • Amanda

      Yes, it was exceptionally warm in December. Things are closer to normal now and I will admit the decrease in humidity has been nice.

  2. Jodee Gravel

    Beautiful beaches. Looks like such a wonderful place to spend time near and on the water. Love that kite!!!

  3. Deb

    OK, that kite is AWESOME!!!

  4. Pamelab

    Such Fun adventures you two had in 2016! This year is already looking like fun. Gorgeous area. On my list. Thank you for your very nice blog.

  5. Gerri Jones

    Beautiful sunset picture at the old bridge. What a wonderful place to spend some time at. Looking at the pictures cheered me up…we’ve had lots of rain and last night it dipped into the 20s. Can’t leave right now due to dr appointments :-(


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