This Week in an Instagram / Aug 10-16

I-70 TunnelBear Creek Lake ParkBear Creek Lake Park
Mountain Toad Brewing
Bear Creek Lake Park
Coors Field
Bear Creek Lake Park
Bear Creek Lake
Red Rocks Ampitheater
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Going through the tunnel on our way to Denver/ We left the mountains behind for a week of heat and grassy meadows/ Evening at out spot at the Bear Creek Lake campground/ An evening out at the Mountain Toad Brewery/ Lots of great trails and scenery at our campground this week/ Baseball at the Coors Stadium/ We had some fellow travelers over for a dinner/ A welcome surprise after the storm/ Our final night out – a concert at Red Rocks!/ What an amazing place to see a show

Collapsible Salad Spinner

A space saving salad spinner. Both the bowl and stainer collapse for storage. The bowl also doubles as a large mixing bowl.


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6 Responses to “This Week in an Instagram / Aug 10-16”


  1. Pam Wright

    That is best rainbow photo I’ve ever seen! Both rainbows are so bright…great job! I thought you were at Red Rocks. Looks awesome:)

    • Amanda

      Thanks Pam! It was one of those cases where you really couldn’t take a bad photo. The rainbow did all the work :)

  2. Kate

    That rainbow photo is the best! Just started following you guys on instagram too! :)

  3. Karen from NM

    Love the rainbow shot. We have wanted to see a show at Red Rocks for many years. Did you camp nearby? We have to make that happen. BTW – thank you again for the peaches love link. I made it today and wowzers it was delicious! I modified it slightly, but definitely a winner. I just pit some pics up of our Gothic Road-oh b joyful-Tin Cup jeep drive. Check it out. You will be surprised when you get back to NM how green we are after our recent rains!

    • Amanda

      We camped about 15 minutes away from Red Rocks at Bear Creek Lake Campground (more details coming in a blog post soon). Glad you liked the peach recipes. I made the guacamole on Friday and it was declared a hit. Heading over to see your pics from Crested Butte now!


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