Propane Quick Connect

A few people have been interested in the methods and products we used for hooking our grill up to our Airstream tanks. This removes the needs for us to carry around a separate propane tank for the weber grill.

The 3 main pieces of the project were purchased from Amazon. Two quick connect assemblies and a 15 foot hose. Several gas connectors were also required to match up the different sizes of the connections on Airstream and the grill. Unfortunately this project was done at the last minute and I don’t remember exact sizes of what was used.

Our Airstream has a union in the propane line along the A-frame under the tanks themselves. In there I put a T connection and a female end of the quick connect. The connection between the T and the quick connect had me headed back to the hardware store at least twice. You will see I needed a female to female piece, then a male to male reducer. I also used a male-male 3/8 connector on one end of the hose to attach the other piece of the quick connect assembly.

The other end of the hose got the other female side of the quick connect. Put together in this manner allows no possibility of an open propane line.

On the grill itself, the pressure regulator was removed. (This entire setup happens after the pressure regulator of the Airstream, so the grill one is not required) A female-male reducer was required to attach the male portion of the quick connect to the grill itself.

This setup has worked great. A spray of soapy water confirms no leaks. We often leave the hose plugged into the Airstream while stationary. (Grill gets put away each night and when we leave our campsite) A little WD-40 has been required on the quick connect parts. The 15 foot hose has turned out to be perfect. It allows the grill to be positioned in a few different spots far enough from the Airstream or awning and it doesn’t get tangled at all.

Click any one of the pics for a larger image.

A-frame of Airstream with hose connected

Hose removed and quick connect plugged

Hose ends. One male end, one female.

Full view of hose

Grill end of the setup with hose connected.

Grill side, hose removed.