Plate Rack


Quite a few people asked about the custom plate rack mentioned on Amanda’s My Airstream Kitchen post. Here are the details.

The cording is Bungee Cords with plastic toggle balls with the plastic toggle balls removed. I did not have to cut them down or anything. The size was perfect. Two are used to make one plate holder. One to the front and another to the back, both attached at the same place on the top.

The bungee cords are held in place with metal cable clamps. (I can find exactly what I used on Amazon, but they are similar to these) They give enough separation to easily slide the plate between the bungee cords, and you could easily adjust the spacing to allow several plates between each set.

Cheap and easy, although it did entail screwing a good amount of screws into the Airstream cabinet. If that is not your style you could always cut a block of wood to sit on the base of the shelf and screw into that.