Travel Blogs We Love

Looking for some inspiration? Want to read about adventure, the joys of the open road, the realities of working from an RV, or families who travel together? We’ve made it easy for you to do just that! Check out this list of travel blogs that we love and read. From full-time families on the road, to retired folks and everyone in-between, this list of blogs has something for everyone. Enjoy~

Adventures of Dave & Ann

Airstream Family Part-time

A family of four balancing life on their California farmlet with extensive Airstream travel.


Airstream Full-time Working

 The adventures of 2 people and 1 dog. Working, cooking, and meeting new folks while traveling the country in their Airstream.

An American Stream

Airstream Working & Retired

Ruth, Ben & their pup Gyp travel around America collecting memories and having adventures.

Box Canyon Blog

Part-time Retired

Stories of adventures, misadventures, and inspiring photos from around the west.


Family Full-time Working

A family of 4 rambling around the world in a sailboat, ’58 VW bus, ’65 Porsche, ’66 Dodge Travco RV, and now a ’68 Travelall.

Chapter 3 Travels


In Summer of 2016, Laura and Kevin quit their jobs, sold their house, and began traveling full time in a 38 foot RV with their dog, Dixie.

Currently Wandering

Airstream Family Full-time Working

One programmer, one photographer, three kids & an Airstream.

Drive Dive Devour

Full-time Working

On a mission to travel around the U.S. scuba diving and discovering new foods.

Drivin’ & Vibin’

Full-time Working

Olivia, Kyle and their pup River Moon live full-time in their unique Fiber Stream trailer exploring all of life’s nuances as they ease on down the road.


Full-time Working

Leaving suburbia behind for the open road.

Finding Marshall

Full-time Solo Traveler Working

On a journey of self-discovery and world exploration

Gone With The Wynns

Full-time Working

A couple of perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians.

Good Times Rollin

Full-time Retired

A couple & their pack of pooches traveling the country in search of good times.

Interstellar Orchard

Full-time Retired Solo Traveler

Lessons on the full-time RVing journey. A site about living a deliberate live.

JenEric Ramblings

Full-time Working

A blog dedicated to the ramblings, both literal and figurative, of Eric Udell & Jeanette Hobbs.

Just 5 More Minutes

Airstream Family Part-time Working

Airstreaming around the west in search of culinary creations, inspirational people, and special places.

Live Laugh RV

Full-time Retired

These two life long travelers are beginning a new chapter of their life traveling around the U.S. in their 5th Wheel.

Live Small Ride Free

Full-time Working

A cross-country journey to live fossil fuel free in an all-electric RV towed by a truck running off waste vegetable oil with two dogs & outdoor gear.

Live, Breathe, Move

Full-time Working

One non-traditional family on the journey of a lifetime.

Living in Beauty

Airstream Full-time Retired

Jim, Carmen, and their Chihuahua, Pico De Gallo are free, liberated (LIB – Living in Beauty), and occupying themselves with their passion for travel.

Mali Mish

Airstream Family Part-time Working

A family of five traveling the country in their Airstream named Mali Mish.

Me and My Dog…and My RV

Full-time Retired Solo Traveler

Barb and her Chihuahua Katie have been traveling around the southwest since 2011.

Metamorphosis Road

Full-time Retired

The journey of early retirement is a dream come true for Hans, Lisa, and Rosie the cat.

Nealys on Wheels

Part-time Retired

Two people, three dogs, and one RV. Grayton Beach, FL in the winter and traveling around the country in the summer.

Oh, the Places They’ll Go

Full-time Retired

Two retired educators who sold their home in Pennsylvania and are traveling the country in their Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome.

On the Road Abode


Trading a zip code for a toad in 2015. Taking just what fits in the motorhome and the fluffy dog to see the continent, with only the seasons as a schedule. Until then they have a lot to do!

Outside Our Bubble

Full-time Working

An adventurous couple steeping outside their comfort zone.

Paint Your Landscape

Full-time Retired

Full-time RVers since 2011 with an adventuresome spirit and desire to “pay it forward”.

Pilgrimage to Here

Airstream Full-time Retired

Peter and Liz are on a pilgrimage across the United States in their Airstream Flying Cloud.

Raven and Chickadee

Full-time Working & Retired

Enjoying hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, art, music, quirky towns, good food, & good friends while they explore the backroads of North America in a 21′ Bigfoot travel trailer.


Airstream Part-time Working

Adventures in travel, technology, and style. Part-time Airstream and Nordic Tug dwellers.

Road Less Traveled

Full-time Working

Full-time travelers who have voyaged by land and sea in an RV & sailboat since May 2007.

RV Chickadee

Full-time Solo Traveler Working

Meet Kelly, AKA, the RV Chickadee. Her blog chronicles the flubs, goofs, and fails of a single chick making fun of her mistakes while RVing full-time.

RV Outlawz

Full-time Working

A young couple learning how to travel while working and enjoying life!

RV Sue and her Canine Crew

Full-time Retired Solo Traveler

A single woman exploring the western U.S., living full-time in a 17-foot Casita with her two canine pals.

RV Wanderlust

Full-time Working

New RVers who made a plan to get on the road and explore, even though they “look too young to own an RV.


Full-time Working

Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just “take off?” Travel the country’s back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America’s beauty? Join Nancy and Betsy as they make this dream a reality.

Sock Monkey Trekkers

Part-time Working

Greg & Karen join their sock monkey friends on fun adventures camping, hiking, and exploring.

Streaming Together

Airstream Full-time Retired

Debbie, Frank & Rosie are off to see the U.S, Mexico & Canada. In this next phase of their lives they will be vagabonds going where the wind blows, seeing what they’ve always wanted to see, and revisiting some favorite places.

Take to The Highway

Full-time Solo Traveler Working

Living out the dream as a full-time RVing 9 to 5’er.

Tales from the Mutiny

Full-time Retired

Traveling the U.S. in search of wacky roadside attractions and adventure.


Full-time Working

Perpetually on the road since 2006 embracing nomadic serendipity. 

The Long Long Airstream

Airstream Full-time Working

Two humans, two dogs, and a cat stuffed into an aluminum tube for four years.

The Lowe’s RV Adventures

Full-time Retired

Pursuing their dream of traveling the U.S. and Canada for several years and seeing everything and everyplace they can.

The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route

Airstream Full-time Retired

Kate & Iain sold everything and left their corporate jobs to travel full time. Follow along as they travel the U.S. having adventures along the way

Those Young Guys

Part-time Retired

Norm & Lisa are taking it one day at time as they travel part-time around the country with their RV and motorcycle.

Through the Lens

Full-time Retired

Gerri and Mike travel full-time in their Oliver trailer on a quest to see the real beauty around us.

To Simplify

Full-time Solo Traveler Working

A self-described saxophonist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, full-time traveler, and big proponent of the simple life.

Two Happy Campers

Part-time Working

A happy couple’s adventures in camping, aviation and beyond, plus inspiration for a life well-lived.

Two Lanes of Freedom

Full-time Retired

David and Sharon are discovering America one winding road and one small town at a time.


Airstream Family Full-time Working

A family of six living on the road, formerly out of a 1979 VW bus, and as of late a 1976 Airstream.

Wandering With Purpose

Airstream Full-time Working

Embracing the idea of ‘less is more’ while happily living in an Airstream along the Pacific Coast in the town of Half Moon Bay.

Wheeling It

Full-time Retired

Living the full-time RV dream with 12 paws, 40 feet and the open road.

Winnie Views

Part-time Retired Solo Traveler

A gal and her dog hit the open road in their Skinnie Winnie to explore the Americas.